What is Let's Talk?

It's a small group curriculum

Let's Talk is a 6 lesson course that has two objectives:

1) To catalyze conversations about the truth and dangers of viewing pornography.

2) To empower people to become advocates for choosing to live free from the bondage of pornography.

Desgined for who?

Because Let's Talk has been designed to draw out issues that are relative to the course participants and their unique contexts, virtually anyone can participate in this course.  The leader will find that discussions flow naturally based on the course audience.

The beauty of this approach is that each time you lead Let's Talk, you will have a new experience.  

Who can be a Let's Talk leader?

All you need to have is a passion to spread the message that "Life's better without porn."  The Let's Talk leader's guide provides all the direction you need to lead this course.  There are also plenty of supplemental resources, easily accessed through the individual lesson pages here on this website.  

Let's Talk has 3 parts:

1) The Leader's Guide

Start here.  This free resource will give you everything you need to know about leading a Let's Talk small group. 


Download your free copy of the  Let's Talk course leader's guide below

2) The On-Line Lesson Pages

Lesson 1 - The empty promise

Lesson 2 - Eyes pop & jaws drop

Lesson 3 - Consequences and the big win

Lesson 4 - How to talk about "it"

Lesson 5 - What are you called to do?

Lesson 6 - Next steps

3) The Participant Workbook

The Let's Talk participant workbook is a beautifully designed full color product that will enhance the group's experience and  learning. 


Order workbooks for your Let's Talk small group.

Let's Talk Leader's Guide

Let's Talk Leader's Guide 1.0 (pdf)