The Empty Promise


Lesson 1 sets the foundation for the Let's Talk course by exploring the following questions:

a) How do you define pornography? (you may be surprised)

b) What are the 3 big lies that porn wants society to believe?

c) What is Federal Obscenity Law?

d) Is pornography a public health issue?

Lesson objectives

1) To create a safe environment for your group.

2) To share your heart as a group leader and model vulnerability

3) To present the course participants with  new ideas and perspectives about pornography.

4) For the course participants to be able to respond to false claims and statements that pornography is a safe outlet to explore sexuality.

Key message

Porn is fake. It promises a safe outlet for your sexuality and leaves your sexual arousal template damaged. It promises a better sex life and leaves you unable or uninterested in a real life partner. 

Porn says that it is protected by free speech yet it has been declared obscene by the Supreme Court of the United States. The porn industry promotes itself as safe and responsible yet it abuses and exploits people. Porn promises you fulfillment and leaves you empty.

Video - Course introduction

Video 1.1

Video 1.2

Video 1.3

Lesson 1 supplemental resources

Click on a file to download.

What really happens on a porn set (pdf)


Federal obscenity law fact sheet (pdf)


Responses to misleading research claims (pdf)


Lesson 1 homework (pdf)