Eyes pop & jaws drop


In this lesson we will look at facts and statistics that show us just how pervasive and dangerous pornography use is today.  

Lesson objectives

1) To understand the massive amount of porn that is being consumed in our society.

2) To understand (at a high level) the scientifically proven negative consequences that result from viewing pornography.

3) To wrestle with the question of, "Where we are headed if we don't do something about this?"

4) To recognize that we need realistic goals about living in this "pornified" world.

Key message

Porn consumption is increasing everyday due to the triple “A”perfect storm:


As individuals and as society, we are becoming increasingly apathetic to porn and don’t view it as damaging or threatening. Porn is everywhere and lots of people (men, women, boys and girls) are looking at it. Porn will not go away. We have to teach ourselves and our children how to live in this "pornified" world and not be overtaken by it.

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Lesson 2 supplemental resources

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Facts and Stats (pdf)


Lesson 2 homework (pdf)