This lesson goes deeper into  the specific consequences of viewing pornography.

Lesson objectives

1) To understand how porn impacts the brain.

2) To understand the physical, psychological. social and spiritual damage caused by viewing porn.

3) To discuss the "Big win" of choosing to live a porn free life and why advocate for others to do the same.

Key message

Knowing how porn impacts people the same way as drugs do, should lead us to deal with this issue using empathy and patience. There are so many negative consequences that result from viewing pornography that we can’t simply sit back in silence any longer. 

To say that porn is a victim-less and benign behavior that doesn’t hurt anyone is simply not true. We must acknowledge the physical, psychological, social and spiritual damage that is caused by viewing pornography.  Porn is destroying individuals, relationships and society.

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Lesson 3 supplemental resources

Click on a file to download.

Are you addicted to porn (pdf)


Consequences of viewing pornography (pdf)


What porn is doing to men and their idea of sex (pdf)


Brain studies and summary findings on the impact of porn (pdf)


Lesson 3 homework (pdf)