In this lesson we focus on equipping  your group to be able to have direct and impactful conversations with other people about the harms of viewing pornography.

Lesson objectives

1) To understand the common barriers that often stop people from discussing the harms of pornography.

2) To learn how to talk with others about the harms of viewing pornography using our 8 LET'S TALK principles. 

3) To define what "successful" conversations look like.

4) To practice putting the Let's Talk principles into practice.

Key message

If you feel uncomfortable talking about porn, you are not alone. The only way to feel more comfortable talking about pornography is to start talking about it. Understanding your own barriers is important.

Having open discussions about sex and sexuality, especially with children, has proven to be impactful and effective with regards to their future independent decisions. As we discuss the harms of porn with others, we must have realistic expectations. We also can’t let the reactions of those we are speaking with be the measure of our impact.

Video 4.1 & 4.2

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Lesson 4 supplemental resources

Click on a file to download.

V4C - 8 principles and barriers (pdf)


Silent struggle - 4 ways girls get pulled into using porn (pdf)


Lesson 4 homework (pdf)