trusted web based resources

The PORNKNOW YouTube channel

Over 30 videos about the truth and dangers of viewing pornography from trusted resources in one place.  Videos are all short and topical.

More than software

This organization has amazing resources for individuals, couples and families.   

Do you love quality, peer reviewed research?

A great website to read scientific studies about the many harmful effects of viewing pornography.

Learn what viewing porn does to your brain?

Have you seen Gary Wilson's Ted talk "The great porn experiment?"  This is his site.    

Get connected

E-courses, groups, partner care, resources, support and more.

Hear from the average Joe

Check out this community of individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.  They have one thing in common.  They have voluntarily decided to remove porn from their lives.  Tons of stories and personal accounts to explore here.

Educate & Empower Kids

This org has some great information, products and services designed to help parents address sex, sexuality and pornography with their children.

Great info and tools for teens and adults

Looking for a program to help you navigate breaking free from the bondage of pornography.  Check out their Fortify program.

Good pictures - Bad pictures

Check out this site if  you have young children and are looking for a resource to help kick start conversations about sexuality and pornography?

Taking on porn as a public health crisis

Tons of great info on this site.  If you are looking for a list of books to read, check out their resource page.

A collection of wriitings, videos and podcasts

You'll really enjoy browsing this site.  They have a terrific "ask an expert" section.  

Great resource for data and information

Check out this page for fast facts, research and blog posts about the consequences of choosing to view pornography.

Recovery Groups


A Christ Centered recovery group


A Christ centered recovery group

Sex Addicts Anonymous

A spiritually based recovery group

Click here to go directly to the SAA Houston page

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